Nubby Rabbit

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Ultra Soft Nubby Probe Tip Soft and ultra-nubby rotating tip probes your insides deeply & thoroughly in 2 directions & in 3 wonderful speeds. Internal Rotating Shaft Three vertical rows of 3 give you a total of 9 rotating beads that reem you in 2 ways & in 3 speeds. Rabbit Eared Clit Massage Clitoral massage at its very best! A very soft and subtle floppy eared rabbit vibrates in 3 speeds. Ultra Controls The waterproof face on this wonderfully designed massage tiil is an easy to operate & use soft-touch control panel that lights up with orange indicator lights for maximum control and night time fun in and out of the jaquzzi. Waterproof Pack Unscrew the waterproof cap to insert or replace 3 AA batteries (not included)