Mini Queen's Luxury Collection

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The Pretty Love Mini Queen's Luxury Collection is a set of high-quality adult toys designed for pleasure and luxury. The collection features five different products, each with unique features and functions to cater to different preferences.

The Black Mini Queen's Luxury Collection features 18k gold accents and is made with super soft silicone material. Walter, one of the products in this collection, comes with seven vibration settings and five levels of control. It is also USB rechargeable, making it convenient for travel.

Wilbur, another product in the collection, comes with 12 vibration settings and a heating function to provide a more realistic experience. It also has a memory function and is made with waterproof silicone material, making it easy to clean and use in the shower or bath.

Arianna has a suction cup base, allowing for hands-free play. It is also waterproof and made with silicone material. Algernon comes with a remote control and a memory function, and it's also waterproof and rechargeable via USB.

Finally, Sandy has a contractile vagina design, making it feel more lifelike. It is also made with waterproof silicone material for easy cleaning.

Estelle features 12 licking settings and is made with waterproof silicone material. It is USB rechargeable and designed for maximum pleasure.

Overall, the Pretty Love Mini Queen's Luxury Collection is a premium set of adult toys designed to provide pleasure and luxury. Each product is unique and designed with different features to cater to a range of preferences.