Destination Drink

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MANUFACTURER’S DESCRIPTION Destination Drunk! Drinking Game Games list Flunkyball (Germany) Medusa (Russia) Rage Cage (USA) Jiuling (China) Who Am I? (South Africa) Beer Blow (Australia) Ping Pong Pang (Japan) Horse Race (UK) Sevens (Sweden) Dudo (Peru) Bear Claw (Russia) Battleship (Spain) Bierkastenlauf (Germany) The Cow Who Stains (France) Napkin, Beer Cigarette (South Korea) Ages: 18 + | Players: 2 + FEATURES AROUND THE WORLD IN 15 DRINKING GAMES! – This adventurous collection will have you screaming Japanese, bluffing like a Peruvian and drinking like a Russian! BORED OF BEER PONG? – Shake up the party and introduce your friends to a whole new load of hilariously boozy party games from the four corners of the earth! HUGE VARIETY – Experience the world’s oldest drinking game ‘Jiuling’ (China) as well as modern hits including ‘Rage Cage’ (USA) and ‘Flunkyball’ (Germany). SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP RULES – The easy-to-read rule book will have you and your friends embarking on your world tour of booze in no time! PREMIUM QUALITY – Contains 20 beer pong cups, 52 custom playing cards, 3 ping pong balls, 4 dice, 1 tennis ball and a rule book. Just add friends and beer!