Bullets 4B Low Pitch Bass

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With their compact shape; powerful 4B motor creating bass style vibrations; new 4LR44 longer lasting batteries; and a remarkably smooth, silky feel, the Screaming O 4B Bullets provide deep stimulation for better, more satisfying sex!Following research into vibration frequency and optimal clitoral massage speeds, Screaming O developed a unique motor that provides deep, rumbling vibrations you can feel from the inside. Thanks to a waterproof soft-touch shell, you can enjoy smooth, gliding sensations in the bath or shower.These super-powered one-touch vibrating bullets are available in four colors and pack intense power in an on-the-go size that’s perfect when larger, bulkier vibes just won’t cut it. They add essential stimulation for better, more satisfying sex! In addition to promoting sexual health and wellbeing, Screaming O wants to put your mind at ease knowing that the Screaming O 4B Bullet is produced using materials and processes that are both ethical and sustainable. The bullet packaging is an eco-friendly zip pouch made from a combination of recyclable Kraft paper and biodegradable & compostable PLA.  We have also switched to new 4LR44 batteries for our bullets. In addition to being more reliable and long-lasting for your pleasure, they are child-safe and require fewer units to power the products therefore adding less waste to the landfills.

  • 4B motor with low pitch bass for deep, rumbling vibrations
  • Smooth, soft touch PU coating
  • 5 speeds plus 1 pulse pattern
  • Waterproof
  • 30+ minutes of battery life
  • Avaliable colours include; Bluberry, Grape, Kiwi, Strawberry
  • Body-Safe ABS with PU Coating