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SENSA FEEL®- Made Using Sensa Feel® Dual Density Technology. For A Soft Outer Layer And A Firm Inner Core. Making The Product Feel Sensuously Soft Yet Rigid And Erect For Exceptional Performance and Comfort POSABLE - Flexible Shaft Bends And Holds It’s Position SOFT AND PLIABLE - conforms to the user's body so you can reach that special spot. SIZE: 7.5" length / 6.5" insertable length / width: 1.5" PEACE OF MIND - Our Products Are 3rd Party Tested For Product Safety. Meet Antonio from the Latin Collection! Made with Blush's new Sensa Feel dual density technology, Antonio is perfectly soft to the touch while its inner core is firmer to maintain rigidity--just like a hard, erect cock should feel. For those seeking an accommodating lover, Antonio has a poseable spine that can bend, twist and angle to hit all your pleasure points. Made of phthalate free, skin safe tpe, Antonio is low maintenance; use gentle soap and water then let air dry. Our products are 3rd party tested for product safety. Our materials comply with international safety requirements.