4 Historical Facts That You May Not Know About Sex Toys

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4 Historical Facts That You May Not Know About Sex Toys

Sex toys are not anymore sold as an illegal item like how it used to be back in the days. Yes! You heard that right. There are many such unknown facts about these incredible range of pleasure toys that you may have not heard about before.

Their journey to the different sex shops in Melbourne and many other parts of the world was not that easy. A lot of history is involved when it comes to sex toys. There have been many facts that have been set out there which are not even true.

Here we bring you some hardcore facts that you may or may have not heard about sex toys before. So without further ado, let’s dig into some historical facts about Pleasure Toys shall we?

1. Vibrators were so not invented to treat women suffering from Hysteria

You may have come across to this piece of so-called fact that vibrators were initially invented by doctors to treat women suffering from hysteria. But according to the sex and gender historian Hallie Liberman, this is not solely true.

As a matter of true fact, Vibrators were actually used by doctors in early days for a wide range of health complications such as diabetes, constipation, sciatica and even back pains.

However, they weren’t exactly used in the genital area. Vibrator treatment was used on both men and women. However, they were used on men’s perineum in some cases to boost their sex drive.

2. The initial specimen of Dildo existed almost 28,000 years ago (possibly)

Although there isn't much supporting evidence to prove this fact, however, there are archaeological specimens of penis shaped objects found in different parts of the world. They have a very close resemblance to that of a dildo.

This dildo looking object was found in Hohle Fels cave in Germany that traced to almost 28,000 years ago. But the experts cannot fully agree whether the object is a pleasure toy or just a tool making item of the early days.

However, there are some archaeologists who contradict this by saying that these objects were used on young women primitively in some sort of defloration ceremonies.

3. Sex Toys were more popular among men

Earlier, when the doctors used pleasure toys like vibrators for treating their patients, they found that men were more inclined to their use than women.

Later, when these items were marketed, they were popularized as pleasure toys for men by the sellers. Since women masturbation was deemed to be threatening.

As a sex toy manufacturer herself, Hallie Liberman mentioned in her book Buzz: The Stimulating History of The Sex Toy that one of the most sold pleasure toy previously was a male masturbation sleeve.

4. Sex Toys were illegal item to be sold

As mentioned earlier, the selling of sex toys were illegal in many parts of the world. According to Liberman during the year 2003 to 2005 the sell of sex toys was illegal in Texas, USA.

However, the manufacturers implemented creative ways to get them to the customers. For instance, customers were made to sign forms where it was mentioned that the item was used solely for medical purposes.

Did you know any of the above listed facts before? However, the business of sex toys has been blooming quite well over time. In fact, the popularity of sex shops in Melbourne and in other parts of the world is massive.